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Singstarz Singing Competition
Singstarz Singing Competition
Don’t just dance but love to Sing? IFDPA’s Singing Competition ‘Sing Starz’ where solo, duets and groups of aspiring singers will have the chance to shine and show off their musical talents in Open and Disney themed categories.

Each school/group/choir can have unlimited entries. However, a singer cannot compete against themselves in any category (for example a school/group/choir may enter several different singers into one category, but not the same singer into one category several times). This rule also applies within group entries (for example a school can enter several different group entries into one category).

Singstarz Singing Competition

Singstars Age / Category Definitions

Primary Ages 3 Years to 7 Years
• Primary Solo Disney
• Primary Solo Open
• Primary Duo Disney
• Primary Duo Open
• Primary Group Disney
• Primary Group Open

Junior Ages 9 Years to 12 Years
• Junior Solo Disney
• Junior Solo Open
• Junior Duo Disney
• Junior Duo Open
• Junior Group Disney
• Junior Group Open

Senior Ages 13 Years and above
• Senior Solo Disney
• Senior Solo Open
• Senior Duo Disney
• Senior Duo Open
• Senior Group Disney
• Senior Group Open

All Age School Group 3 Years and over
• All Age School Group Disney
• All Age School Group Open

Click HERE to download the IFDPA Guide to Competing

Click HERE to download the Sing Starz Singing Competition rules and entry form

Singstarz Singing Competition

Sing Starz Category Definition
• All material must be suitable to be performed to a family audience.
• Singers can perform acapella if they wish.
• All routines should have live singing on the day microphones will be provided in line with your requested microphones on the entry form.
• Microphones cannot be requested on the day they must be ordered in advance.
• Any routine without live singing will be disqualified from the category

Singstarz Singing Competition

The competition will feature 8 categories: Solo Disney, Solo Open, Duo Disney, Duo Open, Group Open, Group Disney, All Age Group Open and All Age Group Disney.

Open Singing
Perform a piece from any musical style, pop, rock, folk, gospel, capella, the choice is yours.

Disney Singing
The only set criteria is the piece must have a Disney theme.

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